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Re: Sinclairs everywhere but in Roslin

Dear Lena,

The biggest problems with exporting my files are the size, the
confidentiality, and the ongoing effort to purge them and make the info as
accurate as possible. I have been working on them, as time permits, for
years, and much more data is on paper which has not been transferred to the
file. My GEDCOM consists of 137, 729 KB, comprising 180,604 individuals,
some of whom are duplicates which can not be combined because of conflicting
data. There are 757,611 text records to date. I have hundreds more
individuals to include. Much information is based on confidential files
obtained from others.
Many individuals in my files are families tied in only by marriage, and not
directly by descendancy. If I can help by tying in an individual or a line,
please let me know.

I respect your work, and the work of every conscientious genealogist



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>>Sinclair skrev:
>  >Dear Stanley
>  >This is what Americans baseball fans call a triple play.  We got

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