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Re: Sinclair Timeline

Dear Wallace Murphy

On the Golfe du Lion lays the Languedoc where in 1208 AD people were
condemned to death by pope Innocent 111. In 1209 a papal army of more than
30,000 soldiers descended on the region under the command of the Norman,
Simon de Montfort. They came to exterminate the Cathar religion.

The killing went on unabated for over 35 years.  Men, women and children
lost their lives so that their souls could be saved.

The doctrine of the Cathars was Gnostic. The fear of the Cathars was in part
because they claimed knowledge of the bloodlines of the Lord Jesus Christ,
which was in conflict with the church's cant of the crucifixion. It was from
this bloodline claim that the fabled story of Sinclair decent from Jesus and
Mary Magdalene sprang. The Cathars were also said to be the guardians of a
great and sacred treasure, associated with an ancient knowledge. The Cathars
also regarded Mary Magdalene as the Grail Mother. Many of the claims of the
Cathars are continued at Rosslyn.

The claims that the builder of Rosslyn was a Gnostic and followed the Cathar
principals of the Cathars bear close and respectful evaluation. "prince"
William, a genius, is worth a lot more ink than he gets. Beyond any shadow
of doubt his achievements live on, unlike the grandfather who may or may
have gone to America and in the end accomplished nothing.

The Cathars were tolerant of other people's religions and believed in
equality of the sexes. Their belief of equality of the sexes was a major
problem for the religious leaders who wanted to stifle women.

The Cathars believed in God, recited the prayer, and had a welfare system
for the poor, elderly and sick, schools, hospitals, charity and a Christian
society. The Cathars also practised birth control, an anathema to religious

There was only solution for the desperate fanatics were annihilation of the

Bossuet, Voltaire and Gibbon have not lived in vain. They together with
others developed hierology the science of comparative religions we are now
free discuss the religions as well as the costumes or customs of earlier

Christ and the cardinal events of European history which depend vitally upon
religion, The Lord Jesus Christ was "the most sublime moralist" that ever
appeared that the stream of history.  The churches have changed its colour
of Christ teachings after the "acceptance" of Christianity.

Imagination is the mighty weapon in the war against reality.  The timeline
on the Sinclair USA site is an atom bomb of imagination.


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