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Sinclair Timeline

Dear Friends,

Have just viewed, for the first time, the Sinclair Timeline on the Clan
Sinclair USA website - am appalled.

The relevance of dating of the timeline back to 6,000 BCE is questionable to
say the least. In many instances the English used is almost incoherent and the
level of downright innaccuracy contained within it is, quite frankly, a

Three errors stand out above the many others.

The date of Jesus' birth is given as 3 CE (AD in old terms) while the vast
majority of Biblical scholars have arrived at a consensus of 6 BCE. This error
is as blatant as it is irrelevant to Sinclair history.

The date of the founding of the Order of the Knights Templar is given, more or
less, correctly as 1118. However then the following ludicrous statement is

"Kinghts Templar founded by Godfrey de Boullion at the site of Solomon's
Temple in Jerusalem. He refuses the leadership which went to Hughes de Payen,
Ist Grandmaster of the Knights Templar"

Well, lets muddy the waters of this abject non-sense with some facts:

Godfroi de Boullion, Protector of the Holy Sepulchre died in 1110 and
therefore could not have played any part in events taking place some eight
years later. Despite the paucity of contemporaneous documents from that time,
the  authoritative account, written some seventy years after the event by
William of Tyre, states clearly that the order was founded by Hughes de Payen,
Andre de Montbard, Godfroi de St Omer, Payen de Montdidier, Achambaud de
Godfroi Bissol, and three ex-cistercians namely Gondemar, Rossal and Godfroi.
Furthermore, the order was not founded at the site of the Temple of Solomon
but was given quarters there by King Baudoin II of Jerusalem shortly after its

King Richard the First of England was known as Richard the Lion Heart NOT the

The entry for 1189 uses the term Kaiser for Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The
term Kaiser was not used for the head of a German state until the 19th

Two contradictory sets of dates are given for the Albigensian Crusade, namely
1208-1229 and 1212-1234 accompanied by the peculiar assertion  'Two ways of
Counting it'. 

There are not two ways of counting it at all. Furthermore both sets of dates
are completely wrong.

The Albigensian Crusade was called by Pope Inoocent III in 1209. Most
historians count its conclusion as being the fall of Montsegur in 1244.
However under the tender ministrations of the Inquisition the brutal campaign
of extermination and terror directed against the Cathar Christians continued
until the last mass burning of Cathars at Carcassone in 1329.

Should you require them I will happily provide reputable sources for the above
facts. However anyone who wishes to consult a reputable Encyclopaedia or
standard text on medieval history can easily find them for themselves.

Such blatant errors, expressed in often incomprehensible English, do not
exactly render a great service to the reputable history of the Lordly Line of
the High St Clairs.

Best wishes


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