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Glasgow Highland Games

I just returned from the games in Glasgow Kentucky this afternoon. Another 
great time with the hospitality of Jim and Betty Sinclair of Birmingham 

I met Joe Kilna Mackenzie of Inverness Scotland. Joe is the front man for the 
Celtic band Clann An Drumma. The band has a single piper and five drummers. I 
must admit I wasn't expecting much. Joe then sang a song called Sgt. 
Mackenzie that is featured in the latest Mel Gibson movie, "We were 
Soldiers". Joe penned the song upon the inspiration of his very own great 
grandfather, Charles Stewart Mackenzie of the Seaforth Highlanders in WW1. 
Sgt. Mackenzie was stabbed in the back by the Germans in a bayonet attack and 
was buried in France. Before the song he told the audience how he is able to 
live in freedom because there were people like his great grandfather to 
defend freedom. Joe received a standing ovation by a very grateful crowd 
after his heartfelt love in song was displayed. 

Joe was familiar with the Sinclairs of Caithness. He extended a hearty 
handshake to me and kissed the hand of my sister. The world is a richer place 
for the bravery of Charles Stewart Mackenzie, and the love of his great 
grandson lifting the fight for freedom for all to hear.

p.s. Clan An Drumma also played on the "Braveheart" soundtrack.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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