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Corporate (and national?) survival


You are right.... My point wasn't that GE was the only long term survivor,
(there are actually a good many), but rather that the probability of the long
term survival of businesses seems to be very low unless they have some special
immunity from challenges, (like for example a long term monopoly).

Every other corporation other than GE that made up the DOW-JONES index when it
was first set up a century ago is now dust.  It makes sense to try to work out
why GE has survived.   Corporations, like nations, are social entities, and may
be subject to similar forces of dissolution.


Wanda Sinclair wrote:

> I believe that there are at least two companies that have been in business
> for a very long time.
> Lloyds of London (c1688)
> Hudson Bay Company (now known as The Bay) (1670)
> Rexdale, Ontario

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