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Re: Sinclair Dates

So despite his purported madness "Mr King" had a deal of common sense.
Lovely little piece of history. Thank you John.


>    [1]Tomorrow:
>    June 3
>    1751:  blunt  lightning  rods,  The King was right. George III decreed
>    that  all  royal  residences  have  blunt tips on their lighting rods.
>    American   inventor   and   patriot   Benjamin  Franklin  advocate  of
>    independence  invented  the  lightning rod with a pointed tip in 1749.
>    The King was piqued because of the Americans espousal of independence.
>    Charles  Moore,  retired  atmospheric  physicist  of  the  New  Mexico
>    Institute  of  Mining  and  Technology for seven years tested lighting
>    rods and found that a 19mm blunt end rod was most effective.

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