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Sinclair Dates

   June 3

   1751:  blunt  lightning  rods,  The King was right. George III decreed
   that  all  royal  residences  have  blunt tips on their lighting rods.
   American   inventor   and   patriot   Benjamin  Franklin  advocate  of
   independence  invented  the  lightning rod with a pointed tip in 1749.
   The King was piqued because of the Americans espousal of independence.
   Charles  Moore,  retired  atmospheric  physicist  of  the  New  Mexico
   Institute  of  Mining  and  Technology for seven years tested lighting
   rods and found that a 19mm blunt end rod was most effective.

   1940: Dunkirk [end],
   [2]Final  day  of  British  withdrawal  from Dunkirk after the fall of
   France.  Everything  that  could  float  in England, some boats making
   three or more journeys on their own, amid dive bombing and strafing by
   the Luftwaffe.


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