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Sinclair Dates

   May 29

   1418: Burgundians take Paris, Dauphin escapes Source: ToW

   1453:  Turks  take  Constantinople,  Constantinople  fell to the Turks
   After  a siege lasting weeks; the forces of Mehmed II at last breached
   the  walls that had stood impenetrable for more than a thousand years,
   and  the city fell. With the Fall of Constantinople, the Eastern Roman
   Empire  (Byzantium)  ended,  and  with it the last piece of Rome after
   2000  years. This caused a revival of Greek language and literature in
   the  west, due to refugees fleeing to [2]Venice and elsewhere. This in
   turn  led  to  a revival of biblical scholarship, which was one of the
   contributing factors to the [3]Reformation.

   1500: Dias d.,
   [4]Portuguese  explorer  Bartolomeu  Dias  (or  Diaz),  led  the first
   European  expedition to arrive to the Cape of Good Hope, drowned today
   as  a  storm  destroyed four of his ships. Dias had the East Indies as
   destination.  His  expedition  was nearing the Cape of Good Hope. Dias
   arrived  at  Mossel Bay, South Africa, in 1488, where today stands the
   Dias museum.

   1588:  Spanish Armada sails, The Invincible Armada, led by the Duke of
   Medina Sedonia, sails.

   1660:  Restoration,  of  Charles  II,  the  Scottish  Parliament,  and

   1852: David Sutherland Sinclair b., Brooks Co., Ga.

   1889: James 16th Earl of Caithness,
   [5]Cousin of the 15th Earl.


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