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Sinclair Dates

   May 18

   1529:  Battle  of  Summerdale,  Sinclairs of Caithness v. Sinclairs of
   Orkney; John Sinclair, third Earl of Caithness, dies.

   1529: Battle of Somersdale,
   [2]John  Sinclair,  3rd  Earl  of  Caithness  dies  in battle with 500
   between  Sinclairs  of  Caithness and Sinclairs of Orkney led by James

   1699:  Darien Council prepares to abandon, Colony hears of the English
   Proclamations  against the Colony. The Council prepares to abandon the

   1799: Napoleon First Consul, The French Revolution ended when Napoleon
   Bonaparte  entered  Paris  and  was crowned First Consul at the age of


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