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Re: Joseph of Arimathea

Hi Ian,

Interesting question. This and similar questions have been debated for close
to 2000 years.  Unfortunately, we do not know. Someday some document or
artifact may come to the light of day offering more insight. The
conspiracist in me thinks some artifacts do exist and are "conveniently"
stored in the basement of the Vatican (akin to the Indiana Jones movie with
the Ark of the Covenant). Until then, answers are left to personal opinion
which can be shaped by church dogma, biblical authority, scholarly research
or in my case, personal "pet" theories.

Along with the tradition of Jesus going to France, there is another
tradition that Peter encountered Jesus on a road to Rome and Peter was
crucified upside down next to Jesus -- could that mean Jesus was actually
crucified a second time.  Some believe he went to India or is even buried in
Japan. Others speculate that it could have actually been his twin brother
Thomas who is called Didymus (which means twin) that went to India.

I just ordered a video from A&E called the "Unknown Jesus" that explores
this and other questions -- "Recent discoveries, space-age technology and
leading biblical scholars shed new light on the man who came to be called
savior." -- The disclaimer stated that some may find this video disturbing
and even heretical. It starts with the very basic question, "Did Jesus ever
live at all?

Best wishes with your quest for understanding.


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