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Re: Joseph of Arimathea


Thursday, May 2, 2002, 12:47:30 AM, Isinclair wrote:

>     Was Jesus dead when taken down of the Cross or was he in a state of suspended animation ?
> Did Joseph of Arimathea discover that Jesus still had life in him after he had laid him down in his own sepulchre,and that later he come and removed him
> ,kept him in hiding until he could get him out of the country, as he went on his travels along the north coast Africa with Jesus.This could be the way how
> the Shroud of Tunis got there. Joseph is said to have traded with the people of Cornwell, to have died & been buried there along with the Holy Grail. With
> Jesus along with him as a friend. 

Shroud of Tunis? I think you mean the Shroud of Turin, a medieval
fake. Nothing to do with Africa surely?

The Joseph story is just that, a story someone made up with no
evidence behind it (it is Cornwall, by the way, not Cornwell), and the
Holy Grail appears in stories when?


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