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Spoke to the author of 'The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland'  yesterday
evening and his claims about Earl William.  He cited a number of source,
primary and secondary, he promised more over the next few days. He stated
that William was a knight of the order of the Golden Fleece but he had
nothing to do with the formation of the Order.  He pointed out that the
records were complete.  William became a member of the order when a place
became vacant. The Order was and is limited by numbers. The other two Orders
of Kinghthood, William belong to, he promised further references.  William
was, he said, the arbitrator of the hard and soft guilds of Scotland.

Michael himself is a good scholar and a hail fellow well met. Is he HRH
Prince Michael of Albany, Head of the Royal House of Stewart? His book is
his claim! There is one glaring weakness in the claim but the book is a good
read the history excellent and well documented. The book is  like a bikini.
What it shows is suggestive, but what it conceals is vital.


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