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Delete this message if not interested in Masonry

With the recent discussion regarding Free Masonry and particularly
Scottish Rite Masonry, I want to refer those interested, to the Grand
Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina web page  I was asked by
the Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina about a year ago to create
a web page for the Craft in South Carolina.  On the page you will find
links to a series of articles, photos of artifacts, and other
interesting material, courtesy of Ill. Bro. McDonald “Don” Burbidge,
33º, of Charleston, SC.

These Scottish Rite pages were created last year when planning for the
fall Biennial celebration of the founding of the Scottish Rite in
Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina.  Ill. Bro. Burbidge is very
interested in Masonic research, particularly in the Charleston area and
has many years of his work posted on these web pages.

The following is taken from the Scottish Rite related web page:
"Planning has been in progress for several years for celebration of the
2001 Biennial Meeting of the Supreme Council and the 200th Anniversary
of the Supreme Council at the same time in the city of origin,
Charleston, South Carolina, from Sunday, September 30 through Wednesday,
October 3, 2001.  Since its formal beginning in May 1801, the Supreme
Council, Southern Jurisdiction, Mother Council of the World, has seen
the establishment of more than 40 additional regular Supreme Councils
located around the world.  It is expected that a large number of these
Supreme Councils will be represented in Charleston this year to join us
in the celebration."

....and indeed the representation was worldwide, even in light of the
September 11 terrorist attack.  And to you, cousin Sinclair, France was
well represented!

Also linked from the same web page ("Did you know?") you will find more
Masonic information re: the Civil War Lodge of Research (Virginia).  The
CWLR recently held it's communication meeting in Charleston, SC.  

The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina web page can be
found at: http://www.scgrandlodgeafm.org

Click on "Did you know?" and scroll to the last two hyperlinks.  Since
these two events are now history, we are in process of reorganizing Ill.
Bro. Burbidge's work to better reflect Masonry and it's impact on
historic Charleston.  Bro Burbidge's e-mail address, bio and photo, is
included on the web page.  You are welcomed to contact him directly for
further information.

There is also information on the Scottish Rite page regarding one of the
founders of Scottish Rite Free Masonry, Frederick Dalcho.  As a few of
you are aware, he has special meaning for me. FYI, I am a Mason, York
Rite Mason, and Scottish Rite Mason.

I've heard a comment on this list about Masonry being a Secret Society
... There is a link on the "Did you know?" page that addresses the
"Why".  There was also a comment regarding the adding of 4,000 years to
the Christian Era.  This is called Anno Lucis or AL - Year of Light.
This has *only symbolic* reference.  The symbolic reference for
Freemasonry, is not because they believe Freemasonry is, but that the
principles and light of the institution are coeval with the creation.

Mel of South Carolina

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