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Comments on Speculative Masonry

What little I know of Freemasonry - is from my father, who was a "member
of the craft" - in other words a Free mason. That he could, because he
knew many things in the trades, lay bricks and set a stone wall or
walkway did not make him a stone mason.
The other thing - when America wanted to have their own masonic lodges,
they had to return to England and the Master Lodge of England granted a
charter to whomever.  Number One Lodge, I believe is in Alexandria,
Virginia, where George Washington was Worshipful Master. All lodges were
white. The first negro lodge gained its charter the same way as all the
white lodges had - by pertioning the Master Lodge of England for a
charter. Out of that came the Prince Hall Masons. I don't know who or
when, but I suspect it was well after the Civil War. From talking to
various friends, I find that women are now pertioning in the same way
for women's lodges, not just the Order of the Eastern Star which is an
adjunct to but not a member of, Freemasonry. Sally

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