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Re: William Sinclair, builder of Rosslyn Chapel

Looking on the Rosslyn Chapel Trust pages, I quote in fair use this excerpt:

``Of the founder Father Hay said this: 'Prince William, his age creeping on
him, came to consider how he had spent his times past, and how he was to
spend his remaining days. Therefore, to the end, that he might not seem
altogether unthankful to God for the benefices he received from Him, it
came into his mind to build a house for God's service, of most curious
work, the which that it might be done with greater glory and splendour he
caused artificers to be brought from other regions and foreign kingdoms
and caused daily to be abundance of all kinds of workmen present as
masons, carpenters, smiths, barrowmen and quarriers... the foundation
of this work he caused to be lain in the year of our Lord 1446, and to
the end, the work might be more rare, first he caused draughts [plans]
to be drawn upon eastland boards [imported Baltic timber], and he made
the carpenters carve them according to the draughts thereon and he gave
them to for patterns to the masons, that they might cut the like in
stone and because he thought the masons had not a convenient place to
lodge in...he made them build the town of Rolsine that is now extant
and gave everyone a house and lands. He rewarded the masons according
to their degree, as to the Master Mason, he gave nearly 40 yearly,
and to everyone of the rest, 10...''


Here's a posting in which Niven says that Earl William had something
to do with the founding of the Order of the Golden Fleece:


Seems like that is something that could be followed up in records from

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