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RE: A new subject for discussion?

Dear Sinclair,

I read your comments and largely agree with them.
However, everything you raised does not necessarily persuade me either way
if William and Rosslyn are directly connected to modern freemasonry.
It is in the eye of the beholder.
My view is that modern freemasonry recognises an indirect connection to
William and Rosslyn through a range of motiffs, themes and images.  This
recognition contains a sense of heritage; be it true or naught.  But the
themes are recognisable!
Additionally, the actual direct link is the missing piece or smoking gun;
yet to be produced by anyone.
Further, many, many motiffs and themes within Rosslyn are not carried across
into freemasonry.
It appears there was many things going on that involved much more than the
symbols later freemasonry would adopt.
The question does remain; did modern freemasonry actually inherit these
symbols or merely adopt these symbols?
It is a repeating question.  No definite answer exists at this time.
If you look for similarities you can find them everywhere if you look hard
But what do the similarities prove?  Again, no -one is sure, but they may
support an argument either way.
So in conclusion, yes, many people feel there is a direct link without the
evidence to prove it.
IMHO it cannot be proven either way, so there is no need for debate on the
Let all personal views stand!...moving on to the next topic.


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William's  Master Mason status would have nothing to do with Modern

Modern Freemasonry  is long after William's death and  has no relation. Why
do Modern Masons regard Rosslyn as 'Their Own'?
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