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Re: 'King' William of Norway?

>Sinclair had asked where I found my information about a possible attempt
>to seat Earl William on the Norwegian throne. I had seen it on a
>Sinclair website and today I found a mention.

And the sources of each of the items on that page are clearly marked.
That particular one came from Niven.  Where he found it, I do not know.

Niven is on this list; presumably he can tell us.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

>This is in no way a definitive statement on the matter and I would be
>interested if anyone has any additional information on this. I do
>believe I also saw this mentioned on the Clan Sinclair USA pages; the
>history section is under re-construction, so we will have to wait.
>Take care, Kevin
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