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Prince Henry Sinclair and the National Geographic Society


   On Monday April 8, 2002 there was a free concert of traditional Scottish 
music at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington, 
D.C.  It was called "The Scottish Tenors" and was part of the Tartan Day 
   During this program, members of the Clan Sinclair presented to the Society 
a statue of Prince Henry Sinclair by Scots sculptor Shawn Williamson, books 
and information about Prince Henry Sinclair, and a picture of the large 
statue of Prince Henry Sinclair that Mr. Williamson is carving and that will 
be installed at the Nosshead Lighthouse near Wick, Scotland.   The National 
Geographic Society was founded in 1888 by a grandson of the Scots inventor 
Alexander Graham Bell.  It promotes scientific research, exploration and 
    The concert was well attended and everyone gave an enthusiastic response 
to Prince Henry Sinclair.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia 
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