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Queen Mother's Funeral Ivan of Trafalgar reporting

       Dear Cousins,

       Thanks for all the information on the Queen Mother.

       We were up soon after 4:00 a.m. here in Indiana, USA, to watch on BBC 
America TV the events leading up to and including the funeral. If I am 
correct, there is a 6 hr. difference in time. We were most touched by several 
things that took place.  The expressions of grief and respect expressed by 
the people lined up to watch the processions touched us deeply.

       Seeing the street liners (guards) placed reminded me of when I was in 
London and was able to watch the Queen's Procession go down to parliament for 
the State Opening after the recent elections.  They came along and measured 
and measured just the correct distance and place for them to be stationed. 

       I was pleased to learn that the casket piece (the white flowers) were 
to be brought back at the Queen Mother's request and placed on the tomb of 
the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abby among the Flander's Poppies.  This 
reminded us of hearing how she stopped the procession into the Abby on her 
wedding day to place her bridal bouquet on the tomb and then continued down 
the isle. 

       The pictures of the area around the Hall and the Abby were beautiful.  
The trees in the Windsor area were beautiful.  They are much ahead of ours.  
Our leaves are not really showing up much at this time.  

       They mentioned The Princess Margaret's ashes.  Were they placed in the 
same crypt as the Queen Mother? 

       Thanks again.    Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar  
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