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Re: Elizabeth, Queen Mother

Dear Donald,
You never said a truer word - to be in the public eye, no matter in what 
role, or to be the child of someone in the public eye is not a good life. 
Every action can reflect on the "public image" of your self or the family 
member. Dad (AJG Sinclair, OBE) was in the public eye in many roles in 
Melbourne and my brother and I lived with continual reminders - if you do 
any thing that draws attention, it could reflect on Dad. No wonder we have 
both stayed well away from politics and public life.

The Queen Mother was an exemplar of a loyal partner to the end.

Jean Sinclair Stokes.

>Dear Donald,
>                    First, a thank you, for 'The Adventures of Big Aggie'.
>Even though I was born in Glasgow,'Glesga', I find it a bit daunting at times
>to understand the vernacular of a true Glaswegian.  Mary & I are off to
>Florida in a couple of weeks to join a cruise vessel of Princess Lines for a
>trip down to Panama and back to San Francisco.  I shall take the book with
>me.  Many thanks for your kindness.  It's Niven's birthday on the 3rd as I'm
>sure you know, so shall send him a message tomorrow.  Hope you had a lovely
>Easter.  The reason I startred this message was really in response to your
>message about the Queen Mother.  I remember being taken to George Square in
>Glasgow in 1936 to watch the new King & Queen and the two little princess'
>ride past in a beautiful gilded coach.  Princess Mararet and I, are the same

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