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Re: Templar history

>I'm on the daily digest, so I'm not sure if someone else has posted this
>already. If so, I'm sorry for the duplication. I don't know if the
>reputation of "The Times" is closer to our "New York Times" or the
>"National Enquirer", so I can't vouch for the accuracy of this one.

The Times and The New York Times are national newspapers of record,
which is to say about as respectable as newspapers can get.

>Perhaps some of our UK members could comment on that? I put only three
>paragraphs here, URL for the full article is here also.

The final paragraph is particularly interesting:

``Noting that de Molay and the Knights had asked his pardon, the Pope wrote:
 "We hereby decree that they are absolved by the church and may again receive
 Christian sacraments." Signor Forgione said that the Pope had failed to make
 this absolution public because the scandal of the Templars had aroused
 extreme passions and he feared a church schism. Philip IV had de Molay
 and other Templar leaders put to death before the Pope's verdict could
 be published, and it was subsequently lost.''

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

>Ken DeBusk, Michigan, USA 
>March 30, 2002
>Vatican file shows pope pardoned massacred Knights
>>From Richard Owen in Rome
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