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Re: Loch Norman Games (near Charlotte, NC, USA)

Wow, Darwin .... I'm sorry that I couldn't attend last
year.  It will be good to see you at the games this
year.  Please stop by the tent.


--- darwin ramsey <darwinramsey@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all, no, the Loch Norman games have been attended
> and represented several 
> times by my family.  I have never been able to get
> anyone to attend with us 
> and last year my family attended without
> representing the clan.  As a matter 
> of fact, I contacted the list, and Mel in
> particular, last year and asked 
> for help with these games because I was asked to be
> an "exhibit" and do 
> archaeology for the games while there instead of
> manning a tent.  I got no 

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