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Re: St. Clair name

Sorry the Chart did not come out

It states :

Charles III (17/9/879 Peronne)
1) 4/907 Frederune (887-10/2/917) fille (daughter)de Thierry II de
2) 919 Ogive d'Angleterre (903-951) fille d'Edouard 1er
3) Sa concubine de 898-907 Alais (The name of this woman is not known)
Enfants (children) wife 1) Ermentrude 1)Frerone 1)Adelaise 1) Gisele 1)
Rothrude 1) Hildegarde

wife 2) Louis IV d'Outremer

concubine 3) Roricon ( ?976)  eveque (Bishop) de Laon 3)Arnulf 3) Alais
Raoul de Gouy 3) Drogon 3) Gisele-Rollon de Normandie (846-931)


ref; French gov't records "généalogie des rois de France" held at

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> Laurel wrote that no records exist of Rollon second wife the daughter of
> Charles III the Simple

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