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Re: Henry's Voyage


Thursday, March 21, 2002, 8:05:49 PM, you wrote:

> The Viking settlement in Greenland and elsewhere had petered out because
> the furs which were the biggest part of the export to home, were being
> gotten elsewhere. The weather had worstened, the Skraelings made trouble
> for the Vikings and they felt they could no longer survive. They
> abandoned their part of the new world about 1369.

I'm not sure what you mean here. There were Norse in Greenland until
the end of the 16th century, with *English* ships probably sailing
there until 1480 or maybe a bit later.  They were cut off from Iceland
and Norway though, in part by English pirate.

>   Fishing?  could be,
> Don't need a big place to sit in while fishing. Unless Zeno and company
> were really bent on discovery or maybe just getting away from the
> increasing graciers and the skraeling problem - what do we really know?
> By the way - who among you have read Zeno's story and Henry's
> participation in it? Just exactly was Henry's part - who went with
> whom?  Did Zeno serve Henry as his captain?  Did Zeno know of Henry
> doing something about sailing to Greenland?  The Hakluyt book is
> available at the Society in London. There is a copy at the Virginia
> Historical Society in Richmond. There are proably copies at major
> libraries everywhere. Mr Tim Wallace-Murphy - Sinclair - either of you
> have a copy?

Two Zenos, brothers, Nicolo and Antonio, Nicolo "had a vessel made"
and sailed to sea and was shipwrecked on Frislanda, where Zichmni,
lord of the islands called Portlanda and Duke of Sorano, "which lay
over against Scotland" rescued them from an attack by the people of
the island where they were shipwrecked.  etc. (sorry, don't have time
to go into more detail right now).

If you can get Andrew Sinclair's book The Sword and the Grail, a copy
of the Narrative is in an appendix.


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