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Re[4]: The Henry Voyage


Saturday, March 9, 2002, 8:14:37 PM, Tim wrote:

>     Some weeks ago I challenged Henry Root to a public debate on this
> subject as he had criticised our work on the issue, but without putting up
> any counter suggestions. He refused, despite having earlier accused me of
> poor public presentational skills. Happily, the chalenge was passed on to a
> far more worthy opponent, Dr Brian Smith of Shetland. Brian is a good
> scholar whose research is meticulous. I was happy to accept his
> participation.  Therefore, later this year a debate will take place between
> Brian and myself on the following proposition:

> 'That this house, on the basis of the evidence produced before it this
> night, are convinced that the Voyage to America by Earl Henry St Clair is an
> historical reality'.

>     Dr Brian Smith is a worthy and honest opponent. He will not use fantasy,
> exageration or cite works of fiction in support of his arguments.The only
> problem I have in organising this debate is to find a reasonable venue and
> an audience with sufficient discernement to judge the issue on its merits
> and not on the basis of national, family or personal bias. Therefore the
> debate will probably take place on mainland Europe beforean audience maily
> composed of  historians both amateur and profesional.

I'm very pleased to hear this. I hope the venue is accessible to me!


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