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Re: Re[2]: The Henry Voyage

Even if some author elaborated on the story and made Gunn a cousin of
Henry's, that doesn't eliminate the real possibility that a Gunn went with
Henry.  I remember reading somewhere that James Gunn disappears from the
local history during this time and then reappears again at a signification
date to add to this probability.

Observation:  I believe that the copyright laws have had a negative impact
on the telling of history.  I know that the laws do finally give the
deserved credit and reimbursement to the authors but there is another side
to keep in mind when reading the many books being turned out in recent years
on the Sinclairs.

If so much is copywriter, how can these authors present new and fresh
information unless they
(1) copy from earlier authors for a foundation to maybe a little bit of new
information that we all really want to know about  or

(2) invent  facts or interesting stories (example the cousinship of the
Gunns and William the Seemly escorting Margaret with the Holy Rood from
Hungary with no references) to keep the attention of the reader and fill the
pages so that they can present some new discovery that we all really want to
know about.  So in this case they should liberally salt their works with
"maybe, perhaps, could have happened", etc.
As ever,

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> Dear Friends,
> While I am certainly among those who accept that Sir James Gunn
> Henry to America, it must be pointed out that this is an assumption,

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