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Re: Re[2]: The Henry Voyage

Dear Mrs Grady

It is undoubtedly true that Gunn lands touch Sinclair lands from the 15th
century. William was the first Sinclair Earl of Caithness.  William became
Earl in about 1455. He lived at Roslyn, far to the south. Henry lived in the
Orkneys. What proof exists that James and Henry were close friends? Does it
take a leap of faith to tie together James Gunn and Henry Sinclair?

Proximity does not make friends and there is no apparent neighbours in this
case but people are not trees rooted in one place.

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> Dear Sinclair,
>     I believe the Clan Gunn lands are next to the Clan Sinclair lands in
> northeast Scotland.  Sir James Gunn was a close friend of Prince Henry
> Sinclair and accompanied him on his voyage to North America.

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