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Knight's design

Note to Penelope Blair Hillyer Law:

You noted: "...Can you imagine that schoolboys would have the knowledge or
expertise to reproduce the stone engraving?  I can't.  It was as clear as a
bell when I saw it in '96. ..."

I concur. There are many vital details in it that boosts the stone/engraving
up into the "Mystic" range. One detail is the break in the sword. True,
there is the old custom of breaking the Knight's sword and interring it with
the body. (Part of the alchemy.) However this break uses the 51 degree
"Pyramid" angle. Further, the break is at the Phi-point or .618 of the
distance from the point to the base of the double wheel pommel. If we assume
the 51 degree break is locating the Great Pyramid dynamic as part of the
sword's alchemy, then we can extend the break-line to intersect the
quillon's axis (that's the swords crossing part of the hilt). Then with this
intersection as the Pyramid's apex, drop the other side of the pyramid where
we are amazed to see that it meets the base of the pommel along the outside

There are about two pages-worth of writing that might explain the rest of
the esoterica around this format, then another two dozen to expound on the
whole carving as a grid schematic. Be assured that there are very few school
boys, or girls, that would have discovered the profundities of the Knight's
mysteries, much less had the patience to carve them. Further, this stone is
in a critical position within an earth grid (named the ARKHOM by Peter
Champoux, its discoverer) that spans from Canada south past Virginia and
links with Nova Scotia in an interesting way. I will never reach the point
of writing a book, much less publishing it, about this subject but I do hope
to get it into a website before summer. With graphics.

Blessed Be...

Bill Buehler of Crestone (Colorado, that is)

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