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Why do Scots Celebrate St. Patrick? Ivan of Trafalgar

Why do Scots Celebrate St. Patrick (390-460 AD)?                   Feast Day 
of March 17 

Patrick was born in Kilpatrick near Dumbarton, Strathclyde, on the west coast 
of Scotland. 

He was the son of Calpurnius, a deacon among the Romano-British Christians of 

He was captured by pirates before the age of sixteen (16) and sold into 
slavery in Ireland.

He escaped six (6) years later and made his way to a ship bound for his home 
in Scotland.

He returned to his home in Scotland, but was called, in a dream, to return to 

He entered the monastery of Lerins, located on a small island opposite Nice, 
in France. 

He was ordained a priest at Auxerre by St. Amator and guided by St. Germanus. 

He returned to Ireland following the failure of another missionary, one 

His missionary work was centered in County Armagh in the Kingdom of Ulster in 
Northern Ireland.

He sought to adapt pre-Christian symbols, images and holy sites to his 
ministry in Ireland.

He used the shamrock as a means of illustrating the mystery of the Holy 

He established the Cathedral Church of Armagh in the Kingdom of Ulster in 
Northern Ireland.   

He succeeded in converting and baptizing members of the Irish royal family at 

He established a vibrant Christian community which, later, sent missionaries 
to Scotland. 
>From the Scottish Society of Indianapolis-  Submitted by Ivan of Trafalgar
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