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Re: Re[ The Newport Tower (1)

Dear Tim

This is impressive research.  However the reference to the Plowden Petition
is not without questions.
 Doug Weller  wrote Quote "Discussions of the age of the Newport Tower in
Newport Rhode Island often
refer to what has been called the 'Sir Edmund Plowden Petition', dated 1632,
which petitions the King of England to grant a charter for a county

A visit to the Public Records Office in Kew located these two documents (the
petition is in fact labelled "Petition of John Laurence and others")......
However, the location for the settlement that this was meant to protect, is
described as at 39 degrees latitude and 150 miles north of James City.  This
is clearly not Rhode Island. " end quote

The architecture that you have cited point to Viking.  Henry was
definitively a Viking Jarl but how does this tie him to the Newport Tower?

Tomar and other Portuguese religious buildings definitely have the eight
sided design.  Over half of Portugal's three thousand ancient windmills
share this design concept. The Portuguese have been fishing the Grand Banks
off Canada since Medieval time and still do. Under the Paris Peace treaty of
1783 ending the American revolution contained in part "the navigation of the
Mississippi was made free to both parties; mutual rights to the Newfoundland
fisheries were adjusted;"

Joćo Vaz Corte Real of Portugal sailed to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland with
two Scandinavians, Dietrich Pining and Hans Pothorst in 1472.

In the treaty called "The definitive Treaty of Peace and Friendship between
his Britannick Majesty, the Most Christian King, and the King of Spain.
Concluded at Paris the 10th day of February, 1763. To which the King of
Portugal acceded on the same day. "
section V. The subjects of France shall have the liberty of fishing and
drying on a part of the coasts of the island of Newfoundland, such as it is
specified in the XIIIth article of the treaty of Utrecht; which article is
renewed and confirmed by the present treaty, (except what relates to the
island of Cape Breton, as well as to the other islands and coasts in the
mouth and in the gulph of St. Lawrence:) And his Britannick Majesty consents
to leave to the subjects of the Most Christian King the liberty of fishing
in the gulph of St. Lawrence, on condition that the subjects of France do
not exercise the said fishery but at the distance of three leagues from all
the coasts belonging to Great Britain, as well those of the continent as
those of the islands situated in the said gulph of St. Lawrence. And as to
what relates to the fishery on the coasts of the island of Cape Breton, out
of the said gulph, the subjects of the Most Christian King shall not be
permitted to exercise the said fishery but at the distance of fifteen
leagues from the coasts of the island of Cape Breton; and the fishery on the
coasts of Nova Scotia or Acadia, and every where else out of the said gulph,
shall remain on the foot of former treaties.

VI. The King of Great Britain cedes the islands of St. Pierre and Macquelon,
in full right, to his Most Christian Majesty, to serve as a shelter to the
French fishermen; and his said Most Christian Majesty engages not to fortify
the said islands; to erect no buildings upon them but merely for the
conveniency of the fishery; and to keep upon them a guard of fifty men only
for the police."

Saint-Pierre & Miquelon remain a part of the Republic of France to this day.
They are overseas departments, electing member to the National government in

Europeans discovered  the Beothuk people in the 16th century. The Micmac had
migrated to Newfoundland from Nova Scotia and also lived peacefully in the
area. war between the tribes came in 1770 when the Micmac encouraged by the
French, began a devastating war.


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