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Re: The Henry Voyage

Dear Wanda

This is not the Benedict Arnold of Revolutionary shame There is a theory
that Benedict Arnold (1615-1678), Governor of Newport, Rhode Island,  had
the Newport Tower built as a windmill. In 1653, Benedict Arnold, came to
Newport from Providence.  He built a house on sixteen acres,  the eastern
part of which includes the Newport Tower.   His will is dated 20 December,
1677, and speaks of "my stone-built wind-mill."   The architectural form of
the Tower resembles a windmill  in Chesterton, England, where Arnold was
born. Some historians refer to Arnold's Will as the initial written
reference to the Newport Tower.

There are many other theories.  Some insist that Portuguese built it.  The
infamous and inaccurate Frederick Pohl,  in 1945 until he was in his dotage
thought that it was the Norse people.

.Albert G. Greene, in the 1840's claimed he had learned from his grandfather
the ideas he expressed

  In the Song of the Wind-mill Spirits:

 "How gayly that morning we danced on the hill,
When we saw the old Pilgrims were building a mill.
Its framework all fell ere a century waned,
And only the shaft and the millstones remained.
It was built all of wood,
And bravely had stood,
Sound-hearted and merry, as long as it could;
And the hardy old men
Determined that then
Of firm, solid stone they would build it again,
With a causeway and draw,
Because they foresaw
It would make a good fort in some hard Indian war."

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> Why would it me mention in Benedict Arnold's Will?
> Rexdale, Ontario

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