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Re: John Sinclair of Argyll, Scotland

Hi Karen,
long time no chat!
My husband, Sandy, and I have just registered to attend a symposium at
Laurinburg, N.C. on March 22, called "Our Scottish Heritage".  In
corresponding with the registrar, he informs me that they have a great deal
of information on Argyllshire emigrants in the library at St.Andrews Presb.
College (he's a Sinclair desendant himself!)    Have you had an opportunity
to do any research there?

Toni S.
(still in the tropics of Niagara, Canada, where we've spotted robins and
flocks of swans.  Can spring be far away?)
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From: Karen Matheson <kjmath@austin.rr.com>
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Date: Monday, 4 March 2002 1:32
Subject: John Sinclair of Argyll, Scotland

I am interested in the Sinclairs who lived in Argyll, Scotland. I am looking
particularly at John Sinclair, a mariner out of Greenock, who married
Ann/Agnes Mains of Row of Ardintenny on 5 Feb 1778 in Dunoon & Kilmun
parish. Two sons were born to this couple: (1) Archibald born 19 May 1780 in
Ardintenny and (2) John born 26 Jan 1783 in Ardintenny. Ann Mains Sinclair's

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