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Ivan of Trafalgar Replies

       Dear Cousin Ian of Perth,

       Thanks for your reply.  I appreciate the information and the websites. 
 Shorts and thongs sound great.  It will be several weeks before we bring 
them out here.

       It was 4 degrees here this a.m.  That is the coldest temp. this 
winter.  Only four times since 1871 has March had the coldest of the winter.

       Dear Cousin John,

       Sorry about the water problems.  My Brothers are having water problems 
for our cattle, too.  It is expected here, but not in Texas!

       I saw your cousin(ours too) Duncan Sinclair in Moultrie.  I was sorry 
to hear that one Aunt is now in a Nursing Home.  Had hoped they would be in 
attendance for the Scottish Weekend.  Cousin Donna, others, and I responded 
to the roll call for the SINCLAIRS.  I shouted COMMIT THY WORK TO GOD!

       Yours Aye,

       Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar USA    (Indiana)
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