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Re: Misc. from Ivan of Trafalgar

Dear Cousin Ivan,

At 04:02 PM 03/03/02 EST, you wrote:
>       Is Midlothian in Caithness?

No, Midlothian is what used to be Edinburghshire, renamed after 1974.
It contains some important Sinclair/St Clair locations such as: Edinburgh,
the Pentland Hills and of course Roslin.

Here's some relevant websites:




>       It is in the 20s here in Central Indiana, USA.  We had snow earlier
>the week.  Today we are having flurries of and on.  The northern part of 
>Indiana has several inches of snow.  The lake effect from Lake Michigan.

Well, down under it's currently 21 [Celcius - about 70F] indoors. A lovely day
outside and I'm in shorts and thongs [they are SHOES BTW!]
Wish you were here?


Ian in Perth, Western Australia
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