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Re: Scottish Clan DNA Testing

       Dear Cousins,

       Not Scottish, but an example how it has helped people. (DNA)

   In a family society, of  which I am a member, a young man found out that 
his real father was possible a member of family X.  He approached family X to 
get in to their DNA testing program.  He tested to be a member of family X.  
He has recently changed his surname to family X and is in search of his 

       The testing in this project is for males of a surname.  

       The picture in Scottish Life of Noss Head and Lighthouse was 
wonderful.  Hopefully, I can stand there one day.

       We had a great time at the Scottish Weekend in Moultrie, Ga.  
Hopefully, I can write something on it for you all later.  The library there 
has a file of many back issues of the Sinclair Clan's Newsletters .(USA)

       Cousin Ivan of Trafalgar
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