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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

>You are correct!  It is for heretical views and the 1908 Catholic
>Encyclopaedia does state that.

The online one that I've been quoting from is the 1913 edition.

>  It is the secular authority that burned Bruno.

That was the usual procedure.

>Compare that to the secular authority that crucified men in the Roman
>province of Judea, under religious authority. Holy Mother the Church
>practiced some tough love.

It's interesting that you mention the Romans crucifying people.
The Romans did all sorts of other nasty things too, including persecuting
entire religions for no other reason than that they wouldn't permit
their members to pay religious respects to the Roman gods or to the
emperor.  Should we discount all Roman records for that reason?

And how about the French?  After all, it was the French king Philippe
le Bel who rounded up the Templars on Friday the 13th.  Should we
discount all French records because of that?  One king's not good
enough for a discount?  How about Napoleon, then?  Etc.

>The Bull will take about a week to translate it is hard to read.

Here's wishing good sledding.

>However following the links I came to;
> "The extinction of the Temple and the origins of the Military Order of
>Christ" further on the page it said "Thus the Military Order of Our Lord
>Jesus Christ was founded in 1319 by King D. Dinis I, with the approval of
>Pope John XXII given by the Bull Ad ea ex quibus, on March 15th to succeed
>to the Order of the Temple within the kingdom of Portugal and of the
>The Crown's interests were henceforth guaranteed and a new militia without
>an international obedience was created to carry on the Temple's mission."


I await the translation with bated breath.


John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>