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Re: Our 'enry and somthing new

Dear Joe,

The problem with Henry we now face is a lack of new evidence to test the
working hypothesis.  Nothing can progress until we find new information, or
old evidence is presented in a different way.. The causal chain is sound, if
the preconditions are accepted. There is doubt both ways, only an acceptance
and assessment of certain events produces conclusions. Other preconditions,
if accepted, can lead to radically different conclusions. The events
necessary to form valid preconditions are unclear. We can find syllogistic
truth but not existential import.

The why Henry went, to me, is the big question. Answer that and everything
else falls into place. Your hypothetical event 4  'Henry sails back to
Caithness / Orkney.' is a real puzzle.  Since we can not establish where and
when Henry died could it have been Nova Scotia? Your event 2 Henry could
have wintered the ships in the New World.

Back to modern day concerns, the 2002 UK Durex Report has just be released.
3,800 adults aged 16 to 55 were questioned. The Durex report found that the
Scots have sex an average of 122 times a year. That is 11% more than the UK
average of 110. Outside of the glorious 12th this report is the only thing I
have found to recommend the climate in Scotland.

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