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Our 'enry

There are unanswered questions  about Henry Sinclair 'what made him a
Prince, which of his titles are valid, what effect did his voyages have, and
why did he make the voyage(s)?" There is no primary source
evidence that proves, one way or the other that Henry went to Nova Scotia. I
think he did from circumstantial evidence. At some point you must make a
'Leap of Faith'.  What I wish to do is separate fact from fiction.

Zeno is unreliable even if we accept that Henry is the man referred to in
the writings. I know that Niven has many theories, I have a great respect
for Niven, and many of these theories are gleaned from countless hours of
reading and research. I cannot agree with all of his conclusions.  It is
difficult to accept historical reasoning that has no basis in factual

Candy floss pseudo history hurts our family reputation. The idea that "Just
because I can not prove does not mean it ain't so" and "  Discredit the
questioner rather than answer the question", have no place in historical
debate.  If we could debate the facts and conclusions based on those facts
rather than shooting the people who disagree with any given conclusion
perhaps we would arrive at a valid, workable hypotheses.

It is my hope that Niven, Henry Root, Neil and Dr Wallace-Murphy and others
will get into this vexing problem and see if they are answers to be found.