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Sinclairs in "Sinclair Land"

Thank you both for the 'heads up'.  I am traveled enough to know to get
space well in advance. And yes Roslyn is on my agenda. I figure either I
book this month, or forget it. My plans so far are to see something of
the city, since I want to go to SRO, and get down to Roslyn. At first I
was thinking of a car, but the tour book is a bit discouraging about
driving and parking. I understand there are fly-hotel packages too. I
did not see Roslyn Hotel among my list of B&Bs. Any who have tips they
would like to pass off this board, please get in touch.  This is the
first time I have traveled alone where I do not know anyone at all.  But
I am excited about going and I do know I will be all right.