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Re: Sinclairs in East and Midlothian?

When I read Sally's comments about Lothian and Roslyn it reminded me of my trip there. I bought a Fly and Drive to Scotland. Our travel agent assured us finding a B&B in Edinburgh would be no great feat. I found out otherwise. After stopping at 4 or 5 B&Bs on our list, we decided to try a few hotels instead. There was no vacancies there either. Then I remembered reading about Niven and the Norwegians staying at the Roslyn Hotel. I thought if I could just get to Roslyn, everything would be ok. When we arrived at the Roslyn Hotel it was 11pm. Owners Jenny and Archie Mears were unbeleivable, she made arraingements for an en suite room for the next 4 days at there. The staff was wonderful. They were very interested in how an American Sinclair felt about seeing the Roslyn Chapel for the first time. The food was great, the bar well stocked. As Niven might attest, the housekeeping includes soft towels and pillows. Judy and I discovered that the small village was a welcome change from the hectic city that we live in. It looks like the village in "Last of the Summer's Wine" to me.

When we first walked in, Jenny asked if we were the Sinclairs that had just called and cancelled their room. I was not, but the family ghosts of the past must have been watching out and waiting for me.

Donald Sinclair Indianapolis