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Re: Sinclairs in East and Midlothian?

I had a similar experience last fall in Roslyn.  I stopped at a beauty shop
to ask directions and two ladies escorted me down the road arm in arm to
where I need to be.  We talk about Hoosier Hospitality here in Indiana,
however it's ever so good in Scotland. God has blessed us and Scotland.

Always Aye,

Andrew R. Jackson, Greenwood, Indiana

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> When I read Sally's comments about Lothian and Roslyn it reminded me of my
trip there. I bought a Fly and Drive to Scotland. Our travel agent assured
us finding a B&B in Edinburgh would be no great feat. I found out otherwise.
After stopping at 4 or 5 B&Bs on our list, we decided to try a few hotels
instead. There was no vacancies there either. Then I remembered reading

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