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Sinclairs in East and Midlothian?

Funny what happens when I start looking at maps. I think I burbled about
finding Herdmanston in East Lothian
Now I find there is a Hermiston, which in some places is an alternative
to Herdmanston
However, Hermiston is in Edinburgh in what might be said just inside the
city bypass around Edinburgh.  It is listed as a park sort at the
junction of M8 and the bypass road.
Now if you have a Collins map, is Calder Rd crossing the bypass rd and
continuing west.   There is a minor road intersecting and it is
Hermiston Road and Hermiston House  along with West H., Mid H, Long H
and then back at the bypass rd, East H.

I first found it on a 1745 map in the National Library of Scotland
collection of digital maps on line.
I wonder if both properties are Sinclair or only one,  Hermiston in West
Lothain and/or Herdmanston in East Lothian.  So who keeps land
records?   Hermiston is shown as now being on the Union Canal but in
1745 on Leith Water.  Herdmanston is on Tyne Water.
By the way - someone said getting to Roslyn is difficult.  Not at all,
There is a bus to Roslyn Chapel - a city bus!
Roslyn is on that same 1745 map of Midlothain.