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Re: 5 more proofs and more

see http://www.clansinclairusa.org/Per_pr_did_columbus.htm this where I came
up with that idea was the silly claim in 'Columbus Connection' by Ian F,
Brown.  quote "When he was dreaming of making a voyage, Columbus was very
likely holding in his hands the Zeno Map, which had guided Sinclair on his
voyage ninety years earlier!  His in-laws had surely passed along the family
story of Jarl Henry's transatlantic voyage ninety years earlier."

Where did Clan Sinclair USA come up with the 9 Knights legend?  I know of no
such legend. Would you be kind enought to give the source.


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> I was not aware that anyone claimed Columbus used the Zeno map.  Columbus'
> route was not in the area shown in the Zeno map.  Why would anyone think
> they were related?   Where did you come up with that?