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Re: 5 more proofs and more

I have finally found the "Zeno Map". The map was not part of the original
Zeno Narratives or documentation.  The map was apparently concocted by a
Zeno descendant more than 200 years after Henry's trip. How from this
convoluted,  twisting map path, cited by Clan Sinclair USA, did Columbus,
who had been dead for about a hundred years (1506 AD), wind up with this
Map? Columbus first wife, Filipa Perestrello e Moniz, died in 1485 AD.

The Zeno Map charts the North Atlantic as does Pope Urban's.  Columbus, a
humble Genoese, son of a weaver, part-time seaman and dealer in books and
maps who married well, discovered the Trade Winds.  Is there any reliable
information that he ever saw North America, much less New England and

I am aware of arguments  that Columbus used a secret map obtained prior to
making his first voyage; that he made the voyage to "hunt for gold"; and,
that he falsified his daily logs. The map of Juan de la Cosa (supposedly a
student of Columbus), drawn after the second voyage, a portion of another
map drawn in 1502 AD by a someone known as Cantino, a map by Waldseemuller
dating from 1507 AD, and a reconstructed map probably drawn in 1990 AD
containing "elements of information Columbus might have held in his hand
when he sailed from Spain in 1492 AD all fail to mention the Zeno Map.  All
is speculative but it appears that the Zeno Map and apparently the 'Columbus
Connection' is out of the frame.

Are we entering the world of mythology,  where facts, let alone truth, have
become irrelevant. Debunking the Henry story may give a gleaming, shining
Prince or a rather pedestrian Earl.

Does anyone have any reliable information on this Zeno  map?