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Re: 5 more proofs and more

I was not aware that anyone claimed Columbus used the Zeno map.  Columbus'
route was not in the area shown in the Zeno map.  Why would anyone think
they were related?   Where did you come up with that?

The point being made was that Columbus went to Iceland, knew about voyages
to the west by Vikings, Norwegians and Henry before or because of this trip.
When he married his wife, the possibility exists that she had knowledge also
of Henry's trip through conversation with her relatives related to John
Drummond grandson of Henry.  What else did they have to do in the Madeiras
for entertainment but to sit around and discuss the glorious adventures of
their ancestors.  Many of the people there descended from the three
Portuguese discoverors.

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> I have finally found the "Zeno Map". The map was not part of the original
> Zeno Narratives or documentation.  The map was apparently concocted by a
> Zeno descendant more than 200 years after Henry's trip. How from this
> convoluted,  twisting map path, cited by Clan Sinclair USA, did Columbus,
> who had been dead for about a hundred years (1506 AD), wind up with this

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