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RE: 5 more proofs and more

Dear Sinclair,

One thinks that the Zeno Narratives itself is greatly distorted from its own
original form.
If it was destroyed and damaged and then 'reconstructed' many years later.
However, the smoking hills, and other descriptions, indicate there is some
substance to its account, though it is somewhat garbled in its

As to the map itself; may I suggest another aveue of enquiry?

The accuracy of the Zeno Map is assessed in 'Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings';
by Prof. Charles Hapgood.
Aside from the accurracy of longitude and latitude, he compares the rivers
depicted in Greenland where current glaciers now reside.  Also he takes
other features to allude to the idea that the map might be copied from
earlier maps when the Northern climate was somewhat warmer.  How far back?
How long is a piece of string?
He does however indicate that the layout of the map 'indicates' that it was
drafted in its current style or template from the crusader period of 1100AD
- 1300AD and speculates the copying came from Constantinople.

I am not concerned as to whether list members endorse or refute these
I provide them to further scope to this topic.

Kindest regards
Bruce Carlyon
Melbourne, Australia.

Do we have members going to the gathering in Berwick, Melbourne?
See you there!