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Re: junkie (long post - sorry!)

I must agree with you Kevin. My most prized possesion is that of baby pictures of my great grandfather, George Sinclair in 1865, and his wife in 1867. These were given to me by a second aunt who had no children to pass them on down to. I have framed these two with baby pictures of me, 1960 and my wife 1960. They are matted and together in a 4 picture in 1 frame in my bedroom. As I have no children, my sister keeps looking at this picture, and probably thinking about which pictures of her and her husband to replace Judy and I.

We are a lucky clan who can go to Girnigoe, Roslyn Chapel, and in my case Hempriggs House, to walk the grounds where our forebearers walked. To see the emerald green land for the first time and think of your bloodline who saw it for the last time.

Donald, the junkie, Indianapolis
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