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Re: junkie

I know exactly what you mean, Steve!  I have two lines back to the middle
1500's in Ireland and Germany, so when I was only able to get my namesake
line, Morrison, back to Northern Ireland (not Scotland!!) in the middle
1600's before losing the scent, I was quite despondant (tho not as
despondant as my sister, who dearly hoped I would trace her back to some
ancestral home in Scotland :).

But it is what it is, and to reach the middle 1600's takes time,
perseverance, reasoning, and patience (admittedly not my long suit).  And
millions of people have no idea of their family beyond those who lived in
their lifetime!!

So take heart and be proud - but continue to hope for the big break!!

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| I began researching my family's history back in August and, with the
| help of a few people I found on this site, have gotten back to 1666 in
| Scotland.
| But and interesting thing has happened as I searched. The years got

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