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Re: Teamwork.

Dear Jean,

sorry to say but Anne is right - kind of......

> It would be interesting to know who these " others " are of whom you speak,
> as no one has brought your alleged offer to my attention, thereby making it
> a little difficult to accept it or refuse it. In fact, I have not been able
> to locate anyone who has been the recipient of such an alleged offer.

I was the one. I did tell Meg about it and I did discuss it with her. I
then decided that it would do no good me contacting you about it. That
might have been my mistake. Sorry. I was just trying to work out any
differences  between the Australian Clan and Anne as I knew she would
like to contribute with her research to the Australian org.s. site. And
my opinion will always be that we can't help one an other out enough
when it comes to researching our roots.

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