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Re: Teamwork.

Dear John,
I have taken my time to think about my reply to a letter addressed to me on 
the Sinclair List by Anne Sinclair, and would now like to do so.

I quote " I spend many hours a week on researching Australian Sinclair's 
and I have offered to contribute my findings to CSA and to help in anyway. 
I do not even get a reply and others have told me that the Stokes 
organization does not want anything to do with me because I am associated 
with the "enemy". I guess it has been upgraded to "Devil."  Annie Sinclair, 
16 January,2002"


I fail to see why you would assume that anyone was referring to you or 
discussing you with regard to an old  Scots quotation. However, be that as 
it may , you chose to take umbrage or insult where none was offered.

With regard to any attempts you say you have made to offer assistance to 
Clan Sinclair Australia Inc, no offer of assistance has ben received by 
CSA  from you since you resigned your position as secretary for personal 

It would be interesting to know who these " others " are of whom you speak, 
as no one has brought your alleged offer to my attention, thereby making it 
a little difficult to accept it or refuse it. In fact, I have not been able 
to locate anyone who has been the recipient of such an alleged offer.

As to your assertion that this is the"Stokes Organization" - I was born a 
Sinclair, and use my  maiden name in conjunction with my married name, as 
do many married women on this list. This organization is the legally 
incorporated body of Clan Sinclair Australia, and the only recognized Clan 
Sinclair in Australia. It is supported and recognized by the head of this 
Clan, Malcolm, Earl of Caithness who is Clan Sinclair Australia's  Patron. 
Under this proud name we are registered with the Council of Clans, 
Australia, and the Victorian Scottish Union. We are  members of the world 
wide group of Clan Sinclair.

Jean Sinclair Stokes.

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